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Fly like a bird 3 is one of the most popular games on Gamevial. You get to pick from 10 different types of birds and 5 scapes to fly around where you can find food, twigs, make nest, lay eggs, raise chicks, poop on people's heads, and poop on other birds.

There was once a rumor that flab 4 was coming out. It possibly started on Dub's wix site, that's where i saw it anyway, but Gamevial is never going to make flab 4 but they will change flab 3 sometimes.

Killers-these are people who like to poop on other birds till they die. They usually use a robin or a starling because they are small and hard to hit with poo.

Nonames-these are players who have made their name invisible for stealth. Some killers are nonames while some players use noname to keep from getting killed.